Below is a list of the documents in CoMeD's archive.

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"Researchers' Experience with the VSD Data Sharing Program - 23 August 2004 - IOM - Geiers PowerPoint Presentation"

"Letter from Congressman Dave Weldon to Julie Gerberding of the CDC"

"Kern, J. Studies That Show Harm from Thimerosal [Updated]. (24 April 2017 [Reference List (in Excel)])" This document will be downloaded to your computer and you will need the appropriate software to open it.

"Guide to the No-Thimerosal Influenza Vaccine Choices in the USA for the 2014-2015 Influenza Season (27 August 2014; 9 pages)"

"CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) annual conference abstract submission for the EIS conference in April 2000, discovered in August of 2013 in a CDC response to a Congressional Request by an office in the U.S. House of Representatives - the abstract submission is titled, "Increased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccine in first month of life."

"Guide to the No-Thimerosal Influenza Vaccine Choices in the USA for the 2013-2014 Flu Season (9 September 2013; 8 pages)"

"Draft Review of Thimerosal Issues in: A Report by WHO's 'Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, June 2012' (28 September 2012; 18 pages) Rev 1"

"The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD) Soundly Refutes World Health Organization's Arguments for Using Thimerosal in Vaccines (20 July 2012; 10 pages)"

"TRACES: The Dangers of Mercury in Vaccines -- Special Edition -- UNEP/INC4 (27 June 2012; 19 pages)"

"Review of 'Report to WHO: No New Concerns About Thimerosal' (6 June 2012; 37 pages) Rev. 1"

"The 'Anything but Mercury' Realities (14 May 2012; 10 pages)"

"'Falsus in Unum, Falsus in Omnibus'-- A Thimerosal-preserved Vaccine Conundrum" (31 March 2012; 4 pages)

"A Witness for Mercury-free Vaccines: An Open Letter from the United Methodist Women and CoMeD (7 March 2012; 4 pages)"

"Response to Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty (27 September 2011, 16 pages)"

"Cover Letter for Submission to UNEP for INC3 Regarding the Use of Thimerosal as a Preservative in Vaccines (22 September 2011, 1 page)"

"Introduction and Review of a US Government filing,'Scientific Information Regarding the Use of Thimerosal As a Preservative in Vaccines' (21 September 2011, 69 pages)"

"The Viability of Using Non-mercury Preservatives in Vaccines (31 December 2010; 2 pages)"

"Thimerosal: Mercury metabolism and distribution in laboratory rats? (December 2010)"

"Formal CoMeD Enquiry Request Letter to OIG-HHS (15 September 2010)"

"Draft Review of recent publications that show Thimerosal-preserved vaccines are major cause of current chronic-condition 'autism' epidemic (25 July 2010; 27 pages)"

"Formal CoMeD Comments to FDA-2010-N-0099, CoMeD opposition to the FDA's proposal to weaken the safety standards for vaccines and other biologics (25 June 2010, 10 pages)"

"Bruesewitz v. Wyeth: A layperson's abbreviated views: The 7th Amendment to the Constitution of the USA, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) [42 U.S.C. § 300aa-10 et seq.], and Wyeth's absolute, nondischargeable duty to prove that its DTP vaccine was safe (2 April 2010; 10 pages)"

"Ban the Use of Mercury In Medicine- Membership Drive (19 February 2010; 2 pages)"

"NOTE: CDC's reporting of historical 'autism' incidence and maximum mercury exposure from CDC-recommended vaccination programs" (30 December 2009; 6 pages)"

"Draft: Why do media report 'the other side' of scientific fact? One Scientist's Response!" (25 December 2009; 21 pages)"

"Updated Editorial on Sub-Acute Mercury (Hg) Poisoning By Medicine: The Rise of Diseases 'Caused' by Sub-acute Hg Poisoning via Medicine" (29 November 2009, 12 pages)

"Misleading Mercury-exposure Comparisons: Thimerosal-preserved Flu Shot Versus the Eating of Tuna Fish (29 November 2009, 5 pages)"

"Draft Review of the CDC's 'General Questions and Answers on Thimerosal' (25 October 2009, 22 pages)"

"The Rise of Diseases 'Caused' by Sub-acute Hg Poisoning (12 August 2009; 9 pages)"

"The 'Truth' About The Toxicity Of Thimerosal (12 August 2009; 6 pages)"

"The 'No Thimerosal-Preserved Vaccines' Lie (12 August 2009; 9 pages)"

"E-mail: Information quality request seeking corrections (24 July 2009; 3 pages)"

"Formal Review of the FDA's: 'Thimerosal in Vaccines Questions and Answers (18 July 2009; 76 pages)"

"Draft: Review of the FDA's 'Thimerosal in Vaccines Questions and Answers'" (9 July 2009; 75 pages)"

"Draft: Proposed Safety Limits For Organic Mercury Exposure And Thoughts On The Mercury Poisoning Of Developing Children (15 March 2009; 5 pages)"

"A Draft Response To: 'Some parents oppose New Jersey's new flu vaccination law' (28 Jan. 2009; 12 pages)"

"Transcription of the FDA Letter Date-stamped 'Nov 21 2008' Denying CoMeD Citizen Petition Assigned FDA Docket: 2007P-0331 with minor corrections and annotations (18 Dec. 2008; 38 pages)"

"FDA 180-day Letter, Date-Stamped 'FEB 8 2008, to the CoMeD Citizen Petition Assigned to FDA Docket 2007P-0331 and, in 2008, Reassigned as FDA-2007-P-0232, Accessible Through the Advanced Search Capabilities on: (28 Nov. 2008; 2 pages)"

"A Draft Response To: 'Vaccines:Separating fact from fiction (28 Nov. 2008; 37 pages)"

"A Draft Response To: 'The Position of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (NJ DHHS) on: The Pending New Jersey Conscientious Exemption Legislation', (5 November 2008; 18 pages)"

"A Draft Review of: 'Florida Governor' Task Force on Autism Spectrum Disorders- Task Force Requests to the Florida DoH', Part 1 (17 October 2008; 68 pages)"

"A Draft Review of: 'Florida Governor' Task Force on Autism Spectrum Disorders- Task Force Requests to the Florida DoH', Part 2 (17 October 2008; 77 pages)"

"Florida's Governor's Task Force on Autism Spectrum Disorders - Task Force Requests to the Florida DoH (16 Sept. 2008; 49 pages)"

"Thimerosal in Vaccines: Inconvenient Reality (29 August 2008; 6 pages)"

"A Review of: 'As Diseases Make Comeback, Why Aren't All Kids Vaccinated?' Popular Mechanics Magazine on-line. Reynolds GH. (30 July 2008; 30 pages)"

"A Review of: 'Vaccine safety: genuine concern or a legacy of unfounded skepticism.' Expert Reviews of Vaccines 2008; 7(3): 275-277. Chatterjee A. (27 July 2008; 40 pages)"

"A Review of: 'Experts to Discuss One Puzzling Case, as a Second Case Has Arisen' [An article by Gardiner Harris, Reporter, NY Times on-line June 27, 2008] (11 July 2008; 27 pages)"

"A Review of: 'Autism Myth Lives On' [An article by Assoc. Prof. Sam Wang, USA Today on-line April 16, 2008] (30 June 2008; 15 pages)"

"A Review of: 'VACCINATIONS Faith Lets Some Kids Skip Shots' [An article by Sandra G. Boodman, Staff Writer, Washington Post, June 10, 2008] (27 June 2008; 15 pages)"

"A Review of: 'Vaccines and Autism Revisited - The Hannah Poling Case' [An article by Paul A. Offit, M.D.NEJM 2008 May 15; 358: 20] (30 May 2008; 13 pages)"

"An UPDATED Review of the Doublespeak in: 'Vaccines and Autism: Myths and Misconceptions' By Steven Novella (31 March 2008; 75 pages)"

"A Review of: "Vaccinations are still needed for kids By Meg Fisher, MD" (27 January 2008; 27 pages)"

"A Review of the Doublespeak in: 'Vaccines and Autism: Myths and Misconceptions' By Steven Novella (18 December 2007; 63 pages)"

"A Review of 'Parental Dilemma: To Get Kids Immunized or Not"' By Allen Mask, M.D. (28 November 2007; 15 pages)"

"A Rebuttal to the Doublespeak in: 'Parents, officials struggle over right to refuse vaccines' By Logan Molyneux (25 November 2007; 39 pages)"

"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning XVI - No Proof Of Safety for Thimerosal in Vaccines - A Rebuttal to the Doublespeak in: 'Suffer the Little Children' No More By Michael Fumento (29 October 2007; 20 pages)"

"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning XV - Mercury Poisoning by Thimerosal in Vaccines - A Rebuttal to the Doublespeak in: 'On Vaccines, Immune to Reason' By Paul Howard (18 October 2007; 19 pages)"

"CoMeD Press Release for 24 August 2007 Citizen Petition (2007P-0331) (29 August 2007; 1 page)"

"Instructions for Submitting Comments to FDA Docket # 2007P-0331 (30 August 2007; 2 pages)"

"2007P-0331 Ban Use of Mercury In Medicine, UNLESS Proven Toxicologically Safe to the CGMP Standard Sufficiently Nontoxic(24 August 2007; 447 pages)"

"Note regarding filing of 2007P-0331 -- submitted for publication (24 August 2007; 1 page)"

"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning XIV - Updated Review of 'Another Salvo in the Mercury/Autism Controversy' By Stephan Novella (18 May 2007; 16 pages)"

"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning XIII - Rebuttal to an editorial in Nature Neuroscience 2007; 10: 531, 'Silencing debate over autism' (6 May 2007; 18 pages)"

"CoMeD Rebuttal to 'For the Good of the Herd,' an op-ed piece by Arthur Allen published online on January 25, 2007 by the New York Times (25 January 2007; 12 pages)"

"CoMeD's Recommendations for Changes to Revisions Proposed by the NJ Dept Health and Senior Services to N.J.A.C. 8:57-4, Immunization of Pupils in School, (24 January 2007; 14 pages)"

"CoMeD Review of NJ Dept Health & Senior Services Letter About Influenza Vaccines: Ineffective & A Mercury-poisoning Vector (27 December 2006, 12 pages)"

"CoMeD Response to FDA Letter Date-Stamped 'DEC 21 2006' (December 24, 2006, 5 pages)"

"WASHINGTON - Press Release: CoMeD's federal lawsuit and petition to get mercury out of medicine (2006-11-01)"

"CoMeD's Petition to FDA for a STAY under 21 CFR Sec 10.35"

"Documents' List for CoMeD's Petition for a STAY"

"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning XII - Draft Response to the DHHS Letter Date-stamped 'AUG 25 2006' - The DHHS's Response to 'An Open Letter to the American Public' posted on the Internet on 9 April 2006 (9 September 2006; 60 pages)."

"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning XI - Draft Rebuttal to the Opinions of Peter Hotez and Rosalynn Carter in their article, 'Act could turn the tide on common birth defect'" (23 August 2006; 81 pages)."

"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning X - Link Between Thimerosal and Pervasive Developmental Disorders [Draft Rebuttal to Fombonne et al.'s 'Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Prevalence and Links With Immunizations'] (23 August 2006; 102 pages)."

"CoMeD Suit to Compel DHHS/FDA Response to CoMed Citizen Petition 2004P-0349 (1 August 2006, 17 pages)."

"Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning IX - Immunization Issues [a rebuttal to Arsenel of immunizations ---'] (30 July 2006; 21 pages)"

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning VIII - Mercury-poisoning the Public: The case against the Thimerosal-preserved vaccines [a rebuttal to 'Don't ban thimerosal'] (30 June 2006; 8 pages)

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning VII - Rebuttal to 'Beyond the Headlines: Link still claimed between thimerosal and autism' Rev. 3 (3 July 2006; 28 pages)

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning VI - Review Of Pro-Thimerosal Groups' Letter To Congress (April 2006; 15 pages)

Review Of HR 2863's Pandemic Flu Provisions and Preparations Act 060103 (March 2006; 33 pages)

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning V - Review Chambers & McIntyre's 'When Science Is Not Enough--' Article (15 February 2006; 82 pages)

Autism Speaks' Policy Statement On Mercury and Vaccines 051222 Draft Review

Dr. King's Review 051221 of Vaccine Liability- Congress Should Give Vaccines Shot in the Arm

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning IV - Review Of Dr Darshak Sanghavi's 051204 'The Secret Truth' Article (6 December 2005; 34 pages)"

Dr. King's Response To Dr Mike Fitzgerald's 051109 'WhenQuackeryKills'

Dr. King's Rebuttal to WSJ 051022 Pro Pharma Editorial for S_1873, 'Bioshield II'

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning III - Rebuttal To Dr. Orenstein's Views (21 October 2005; 38 pages)

Fearmongering - Flu Vaccines & Pandemic Scares - Marketing Mercury Poisoning?

Thimerosal & Mercury Poisoning - Draft Review of CDC's 050922 Q&A on the Flu Vaccines

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning II - Rebuttal To Dr. Offit's Views (21 September 2005; 30 pages)

Thimerosal Causes Mercury Poisoning I - A Rebuttal to Dr. Novella's Views (30 August 2005 - typo-corrected 12 June 2010; 99 pages)

Mercury Emissions

News Release - Scientific & Federal Inquires Into Links Between Thimerosal (Mercury) & Neurodevelopmental Disorders.pdf

CoMeD Letter, Posted To Docket 2004P-0349, Updating The Body of Evidence That Proves Thimerosal (Organic Mercury) Is Linked To Neurodevelopmental Disorders In Humans.pdf

CoMeD's Response to FDA's 180-day Interim Response Letter.pdf

FDA's 180-day Interim Response to CoMeD's Petition.pdf

Citizen Petition Action Alert.pdf

Press Release for Physcians, Scientists & Legal Scholars.pdf

FDA Petition Press Release.pdf

CoMeD's Petition to FDA.pdf

HHS Letter Regarding Allegations Presented to PCIE

OSC's Press Release and OSC's letter to Congress.pdf

Letter to Office of Special Counsel(OSC).pdf