Geiers' Relevant Papers

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"Thimerosal exposure & increasing trends of premature puberty in the vaccine safety datalink (April 2010)"

"The relative toxicity of compounds used as preservatives in vaccines and biologics (1 May 2010)"

"An autism cohort study of cobalt levels following vitamin B12 injections (May 2010)"

"A comprehensive review of mercury provoked autism"

"Autism spectrum disorder-associated biomarkers for case evaluation and management by clinical geneticists"

"Biomarkers of environmental toxicity and susceptibility in autism"

"A Prospective Study of Trans-sulfuration Biomarkers in Autistic Disorders"

"Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Maternal Rh-negativity, and Rho(D) Imune Globulins: A Multi-center Assessment"

"A Review of Thimerosal (Merthiolate) and Its Ethylmercury Breakdown Product: Specific Historical Considerations Regarding Safety and Effectiveness"

"A prospective assessment of androgen levels in patients with autistic spectrum disorders: biochemical underpinnings and suggested therapies"

"Neurodevelopmental Disorders After Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines -A Brief Communication (VAERS Database)"

"A Comparative Evaluation of the Effects of MMR Immunization and Thimerosal on the Population Prevalence of Autism (US Dept. of Education - Ecological Study)"

"A Meta-Analysis Study (VAERS Database)"

"A Prospective Study of Rho Immune Globulin as a Risk Factor for Autism (Assessment of Autism Clinic Database - Case-Control Study)"

"A Two-Phased Population Epidemiological Study of the Safety of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines (VAERS & VSD Databases)"

"An Assessment of Downward Trends Following Thimerosal Removal (VAERS Database - Ecological Study"

"An Assessment of the Impact of Thimerosal on Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders (VAERS Database & US Dept. of Education data - Ecological Study)"

"An Evaluation of the Effects of Thimerosal on Neurodevelopmental Disorders (VAERS Database)"

"Early Downward Trends in Neurodevelopmental Disorders Following Removal of Thimerosal1 (VAERS Database, and data from California Dept. of Developmental Services & US Dept. of Education - Ecological Study)"

"Neurodevelopmental Disorders Following TCVs - A Follow-up Analysis (VAERS Database)

Thimerosal in Childhood Vaccines - Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Heart Disease in the United States (VAERS Database, and US Dept. of Education - Ecological Study with a review of early Verstraten documents from his study of the VSD Database)"

"A Case-Control Study of Mercury Burden in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders"

"A Case-Series of Children with Mercury Toxic Encephalopathies"

"Published Hormone Research Article 2006"

"Published Mercury and Testosterone Medical Hypothesis"

"Evolving views on the causes of autistic spectrum disorders"

"Response to Critics"

"Thimerosal Does Not Belong in Vaccines"

"Study Misses Link Between Thimerosal and Neurodevelopmental Disorders"

"Geier and Geier Lancet Published Letter"

"Parents Fears About Thimerosal"

"Response to Comments by JR Mann"

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