Mercury Free Drugs – Global Online Service with Top-Quality Generic Drugs

Mercury Free Drugs is an accessible online pharmacy. Our pharmacy works with customers from all over the world. Now the benefits of the our online service is available to all residents of our planet: medications at low prices, a wide selection of medical products, friendly service and attentive attitude to all customers.

Mercury Free Drugs - Global Online Service with Top-Quality Generic Drugs

The main tasks

  • We guarantee the proper quality of medications and other health-related products allowed for sale from the pharmacy;
  • We provide high quality pharmaceutical activities;
  • Our company constantly improves the level of professional experience of our pharmacists.

Our mission

We have developed the best traditions of online pharmaceutical business: professionalism, social responsibility, care for the health of our customers.

Prices at Mercury Free Drugs

The prices for medications at Mercury Free Drugs are often lower than in other online and conventional drugstores. We offer discounts of up to 40% on popular products, special offers, regular promotions that help significantly save money. Surfing our website regularly to be in touch with new discounts and promotions.


Mercury Free Drugs is a bright, dynamic, and customer-oriented online service. Accessibility and openness are the main principles of our business. To do this, we:

  • keep favorable prices.
  • form a diverse assortment, including medical-care supplements of leading world brands.
  • provide round-the-clock online access to a full list of medications, dietary supplements, asthma inhalers.
  • deliver orders to any address specified in the ordering form.

Wide range guarantees freedom of choice

The pharmacy warehouse regularly replenishes the range of medications with new high-tech drugs developed by leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. All drugs, including non-medicinal products, dietary supplements, pass strict control, which guarantees the quality and safety of all goods arriving at the pharmacy shelves.

Our employees closely monitor the latest pharmaceutical products and developments in the field of medical cosmetics. We are steadily expanding our assortment, focusing on the basic needs of customers.

Our pharmacy is equipped in such a way that the customer can always find the necessary health products.

Quality guarantee

We try to exclude any opportunity for medicinal falsification and goods of inadequate quality to enter our range. How do we monitor the purity of our products in order to protect you from fraud?

We purchase goods directly from manufacturers or authorized distributors that we trust.

We submit for inspection to our Quality Control Department, which maintains a database of rejected series of medications.

We strictly comply with storage standards. For this we have:

  • a category A warehouse that meets the highest logistics requirements;
  • refrigeration equipment with three temperature conditions.
  • cars equipped with refrigeration systems that carry out prompt delivery.

We value our customers’ time

Our online pharmacy is at your service. Just open the catalog, add the necessary goods to the shopping cart and pick up the order from a convenient location or order home delivery.

Advantages of booking goods through Mercury Free Drugs:

  • 24/7 online access to a full range of products;
  • regular promotions and attractive prices;
  • convenient catalog navigation and quick search;
  • the ability to compare and choose the most advantageous offers. We offer customers recommendations for analogs and related products.
  • every customer can place an order without registeration;
  • there isn’t a minimum amount.

Our Staff

Helen Cochran, Chief Pharmacist
Helen Cochran is a chief pharmacist at Mercury Free Drugs. She is graduated from the Medical School at California. She has gained a bachelor degree in pharmaceutical compounding. She is a keen leader of our service. She strives to improve our service creating special programs and webinars to expand knowledge of all employees. She is married and tries to spend her free time with family. She has two daughters. Her husband is engaged in IT sphere.
Andrew Cordero, Pharmacist
Andrew Cordero has graduated from the Pennsylvania University. Prior, he was engaged in the development of new medications. T the right moment, he is a pharmacist at our online store. As he said, he is fond of his job now. He constantly undergoes different webinars to expand his experience. He is single. He has a cat โ€“ Tom.
Katherine Martin, IT Specialist
Katherine is a talented IT specialist. She has graduated from Stanford University. Our online pharmacy is not the only place she is working ั„ะตัŽ She is a remore employee. She is fond of computers. Our perfect operating website is what Katherine has done.

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