Our Master Standard – Trusted Tablets

Buying drugs onlineSo, why Mercury Free Drugs is so trusted and popular? The answer is simple we take as a master standard – Trusted Tablets. And now, we are obliged to explai the main aspects of this pharmacy and why they are so acknowledged.


The mentioned above pharmacy arranges the online catalog analyzing the needs of the customers. All the medications are subdivided into several drug categories. They are specified on the front page in an alphabetic way. It makes the seraching procedure easier. One more option offered is searching field. Every customer may enter the drug name and see the corresponding results. These results will include all the medications with the same substances. In such a way, people may choose not only expensive branded drug but its analog – cheaper but providing the same therapeutic effect.


We are glad to sell only generic medications as it guarantees the decline in price and availability for medications for people with different level of income. Generics are an almost 100% analog of brand-name drugs. There may be observed a slight difference in additional components. But the effect you are going to achieve will be the same. We are going to support the same ideas in replenishing our stock. The cooperation with reliable generic manufacturers let us establish favorable rates.


As we have already mentioned, the prices will be reduced due to direct collaboration with the manufacturers. This will allow us replenishing our stock with the most affordable medications. It also becomes possible to reduce prices due to the absence of extra costs for renting and staff. We are going to keep the medications in specially equipped warehouses under strict requirements.

The attitude to the customers

We will provide our customers with the best service we can. Our company will respect the confidentiality of every person entering our network. Our company will do our best to meet all the customers’ needs at any time of the day and night. We will keep customers’ personal data safe using different technical methods. Our SSL-protocols will encrypt customers’ personal data.

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