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Female Frigidity

This article will tell you about female frigidity in terms of psychology and sexology. What kind of frigidity classification is acceptable among these professionals? How can they help you or your girlfriend in case of problems with sexuality? When faced with a similar phenomenon is very important to understand what is reason for its occurrence….

Erectile Dysfunction and Bad Habits

Almost everyone knows about dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs abuse, and sleepless nights. Only some people may give up bad habits, while others keep their habitual way of living, not realizing that it worsens health, leads to infertility, impaired reproductive function, and chronic diseases. In this article, we will talk about how smoking, alcohol, drugs,…

Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra

Cialis and Viagra are similar in many respects. Common to them is considered to be occasion for admission to strengthen erection and be sure to carry out sexual intercourse. These preparations are inhibitors of PDE-5. These means selectively dilate penile cavernous bodies vessels, strengthening its blood filling, increasing in size and compacting. Viagra and Cialis…

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

The most crucial moment in sexual dysfunction diagnosis in women is initial assessment of her sexual constitution (temperament) and adaptation level in marriage (partner couple). Unlike men whose sexual dysfunction in most cases means reduction in primary level of sexual functioning, whether it is decrease in libido, inadequate erection, ejaculation acceleration, or reduction in attempts…