Female Frigidity

This article will tell you about female frigidity in terms of psychology and sexology. What kind of frigidity classification is acceptable among these professionals? How can they help you or your girlfriend in case of problems with sexuality? When faced with a similar phenomenon is very important to understand what is reason for its occurrence.

Female Frigidity from Analytical Psychologist View Point

Concept of female frigidity should not be treated lightly, since frigidity seriously affects female psychological state. Contemporary problem is that similar frigidity today is exposed to almost half of the fair sex. Each case of frigidity in women is different from the others. There are no similar situations. Frigidity appears due to a combination of several disorders.

In addition, each woman has a complex of sensations. Strictly speaking, not every case of women’s sexuality violation can be called frigidity. If you really frigid, you basically do not care about men. You do not want sexual relations with neither of them. This is the first stage of female frigidity. When representatives of the stronger sex are not able to make you feel sexually desired. You may feel sexually desired by means of medications sold by Mercury Free Drugs.
┬áIf you come to expert with such a problem, then it follows quite an impressive number of different tests. Perhaps, having survived some adventure as a child, you are subconsciously more interested in the same sex. Perhaps you have experienced over a father’s violence and now men are associated only with negative emotions. Another stage of frigidity development in women may be as follows.

Do you like to attract admiring glances of the stronger sex, you experience pleasure of courtship process and even caresses. However, process of intercourse is associated with any unpleasant sensations, and you try to avoid and not to bring relationship to such a development. In this case, the expert, to which you will come to the consultation, must first determine whether there are not problem for deviations in physiology.

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You may be referred to gynecologist for consultation as well. In event that gynecologist does not find a problem, then you need to get psychological help. Psychoanalyst main aim is to develop patient’s interest to continue relationship with man, to explain that this is one of the ways to realize themselves as women. For analyst it is important to understand whether woman is not experiencing severe pain during defloration.

Sometimes it happens that woman is already like and does not remember these unpleasant feelings, but her body, muscles “remember” these feelings and then do not give to relax and enjoy sex. In such cases it is necessary to conduct a series of psychotherapy sessions, and sometimes required, and conducting special physiotherapy. The last kind of frigidity – is if you are interested in men, they excite you, but sex is never ending with orgasm. Often in such cases, again psyche of women is blameful.

Perhaps partner does not entirely correspond to ideal conceptions, perhaps a woman internally strained for other reasons. Sometimes, in which case upbringing in family should be guilty. Most girls who have grown up in atmosphere and misandria during childhood heard only negative comments from mothers in relation to men, and are not able to have an orgasm.

Do therapists have special devices that measure degree of relaxed woman? This is an important component in obtaining sexual gratification. Psychotherapists, sexologists and sex therapists perform on brain, patient’s consciousness, finding problem points and correcting them.

Treatment of Frigidity, Sexologist Assistance

To begin with underlining that frigidity can be cured. In almost all cases, it is a reversible condition. Depending on what is caused frigidity, healing process may take more or less time. The only condition required for success is patient’s desire itself. It’s no secret that almost every second woman does not experience orgasm, but percentage of those who are attending doctor with this problem is minimal.love

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It is necessary to examine both you and your spouse. Doctor will start, of course, with you. You must make sure that your sexual organs are functioning normally, hormones are in norm condition. If you and your spouse do not have problems in this regard, it is possible that abnormal behavior during sexual intercourse can lead to lack of orgasm. According to statistics, the highest number of cases of frigidity is caused by not any kind of disease but by psychological discomfort, depression, everyday concerns. Therefore, to achieve normal sexuality and women to get rid of frigidity is very important to ensure that it is able to relax, you need to sleep well, keep a healthy lifestyle. Walks or physical exercise are very useful.

It is important to adjust diet. There must be a sufficient amount of animal protein, foods rich in vitamin E (nuts, seeds, fish eggs, eggs). Some sources recommend spices use that are beneficial for sexual function and helps get rid of frigidity. Try to use more cardamon, hot pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, celery. Food will taste better, and perhaps ancient healers tips will help you. The question at issue is alcoholic beverages use and their effect on sexuality. Their influence on different women can be quite the opposite. But even if you consume any alcoholic beverages for emancipation and stress relief, it should be quite a small amount of dry wine.

Whatever has been called frigidity, therapist treatment will bring you many benefits. Some women may be useful to engage in masturbation. Such exercises contribute to study of your own body and help reach orgasm during sex with man. If frigidity is caused by too strict upbringing, psychologist assistance may be irreplaceable.

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In some forms of frigidity technique of hypnosis or self-hypnosis is used. Such methods can help you remove psychological blocks that hinder libido, promote right attitude, positive influence on physiological processes that provide onset of orgasm.

The psyche of some of the fair sex works so that they can have an orgasm only when they are completely disconnected from what is happening at time of copulation. If you constantly think about orgasm and control course of events, it can greatly interfere with the reception of pleasure. Try completely apart from your partner and all that is happening, try to treat sex as sleep. It can help you recover from frigidity. To learn how to get distracted, good self-hypnosis techniques should be practised. The simplest formula of auto-suggestion, is “I am calm, relaxed muscles, lower abdomen, I feel heat, everything will happen by itself.”

Very good results have given by joint training. And some advice on how best to stimulate sexuality of your wife can be given by your husband. But woman is better not to know that her husband is not himself invented these techniques.

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