Erectile Dysfunction and Bad Habits

Erectile Dysfunction and Bad Habits

Almost everyone knows about dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs abuse, and sleepless nights.

Only some people may give up bad habits, while others keep their habitual way of living, not realizing that it worsens health, leads to infertility, impaired reproductive function, and chronic diseases.

In this article, we will talk about how smoking, alcohol, drugs, nightlife affect male potency.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Enemy Number 1 – Alcohol!

Alcohol, consumed in large doses, has the most destructive effect on person’s sexual life. Daily use of half liter of strong liquor or equivalent amount of alcohol in form of wine, vodka or beer for only five to eight years can cause complete loss of sexual function.

There is evidence that 80% of heavy drinking men develop:

  • impotence;
  • infertility;
  • sharply reduced sexual desire.

The male sex glands, testes, which cells are gradually destroyed, are most likely to be toxic to alcohol, as a result of which you remain with atrophied (wrinkled) testicles. One of the main functions of the male sex glands is male hormone production – testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for sexual desire occurrence and erection as a result. Excessive use of alcoholic drinks for long period of time leads to significant decrease in testosterone production, which manifests itself in extinction of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction (ED) development.

In addition to testicles, alcohol has a damaging effect on liver cells, which, among other things, leads to violation of hormonal balance, and body produces excess of female sex hormones. There are also data on toxic effects of alcohol on brain regions that control hypophysis, which in turn controls sperm and testosterone production in testicles.

In addition to testosterone, testicles also produce sperm. As a result of destructive alcohol effect, content of spermatozoa in it dramatically decreases, and in the end it leads to infertility, that is, to impossibility of having children. Strangely enough, it is the latter circumstance that makes the greatest impression on men, forcing them to take closer look at their health.

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Alcohol can have negative impact on your sexuality and in event that you are not chronic alcoholic. Some violations can be observed even after isolated cases of abundant effusion. If in the morning after a stormy party you have hangover, then amount of alcohol consumed was sufficient to cause temporary drop in testosterone levels.

Enemy number 2 – Smoking

In comparison with alcohol, role of smoking in sexual disorders development is not so well studied. However, there is reliable information about its harmful effects on male erectile function, and equally it has to do with both immediate reaction and longer term. Smoking increases risk of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension development, which in themselves are also capable to cause erectile dysfunction.

Smoking of only two cigarettes with high nicotine content immediately before intercourse can inhibit development of sexual excitement and cause significant erection weakening, even in young healthy men. Its role is probably played by direct vasoconstricting nicotine effect, which leads to decrease in small blood vessels lumen that provide blood supply to penis. The result of lack of adequate blood filling is soft erection or even complete absence of it.

Studies have shown that smokers have reduced blood pressure in penile vessels, which again indicates unsatisfactory blood supply of this organ and certainly contributes to erectile dysfunction development. And level of this decline is directly dependent on smoking experience and number of cigarettes smoked per day.

In general, it can be said that smoking is one of the risk factors for ED appearance, not yielding to its degree of influence, many serious diseases. Its influence on male body is mainly because of vascular reactions, in particular, narrowing and clogging of blood vessels that provide penile blood filling.

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It is quite clear that smoking is not the only factor that causes problems with erection, so sometimes giving up cigarettes is not enough to restore erectile function. However, think about more than a third of men who could regain their erection without any additional treatment, only due to the fact that they gave up smoking.

So if you value opportunity to continue your sexual relationships, remember: by smoking a pack or more a day, you are approaching a time when you will be no longer able to do it. In addition to number of cigarettes smoked per day, your experience as a smoker also counts. And yet, with increasing your experience of smoking, its harmful effect on your body also accumulates. Smoking not only contributes to blood vessels narrowing, but also helps atherosclerosis development, disease in which vessels walls become rigid and fragile.

Of course, taking into account that cigarettes and alcohol have impact on your sexual life, you must take into account their complex interrelation with other social factors and human relationships. Strict abstinence from cigarettes and alcohol still does not guarantee you complete absence of sexual problems in future, just as you can not predict how much lost sexual functions are to be restored if you manage to overcome your habits.

But we always come to the fact that with age you have to take care of your health as much as possible, and therefore you need to get rid of potentially dangerous and harmful factors, to which alcohol dependence and smoking are fully justified.

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Enemy Number 3 – Narcotic Substances!

Unfortunately, drug abuse is becoming common in our society. The immediate effects of psychoactive substances on person’s sexual sphere are extremely diverse and largely depend on social factors. For the most part, however, single use of small dose of substances such as marijuana, cocaine and amphetamine causes feeling of emancipation and increases sexual responsiveness. But, like alcohol, use of large amounts of these drugs leads to violation of sexual reactions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and their continued use causes progressive loss of sexual desire, which in men manifests itself in form of erection loss and premature ejaculation.

Heroin and other opiates suppress sexual reactions in almost any dose. With regular use, marijuana suppresses sexuality. In addition, marijuana, like other drugs, damages chromosomes, thereby causing genetic mutations.

Enemy Number 4 – Lack of Proper Sleep, Chronic Fatigue!

Erectile function is greatly influenced by degree of your emotional and mental fatigue. Ways to combat such fatigue – long healthy sleep. It is good to get enough sleep every day, not just on weekends. Absence of proper sleep, nocturnal lifestyle leads to the fact that man’s immunity decreases, “heart problems” can arise, chronic diseases can become aggravated.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to avoid problems with erectile function is regular sex. Everything is fine: sperm is produced actively, prostate gland is working at full power, but only on one condition – you do not meet with infections.

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